A zone is an area or room, i.e. upstairs, downstairs, master suite, kitchen, etc. A mechanical zoning system allows you to control each area or zone to its own comfort level (temperature) independently from the others and each zone has its own thermostat. 

A mechanical damper is a motorized valve that opens and closes and is installed into the ducting to control airflow. For example: Upstairs could be set to 75° while the downstairs is set to 80°, all of which is operating from a single air conditioning/heating system.

Right now, your entire home is controlled by one thermostat on the wall in your hallway, which no one spends much time in. One thermostat simply cannot control the temperature in each room for ideal comfort. Having one thermostat to control the temperature in your entire home is like having one light switch to control all the lighting - all on, all off.


  • Can be installed on existing systems
  • Greater comfort
  • Only one unit to service
  • Greater efficiency, save up to 30% on your energy bill
  • Cool/Heat only the desired zone

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